About us
Segway Tours Budapest Hungary's first Segway tour operator, is happy to offer the wonderful experience of riding around the beautiful capital of Hungary on the most amazing, most inginous, most fascinating and most fun to drive vehicle. Not only you can glide through the beautiful pedestrian streets, parks and places of Budapest without getting tired of walking, or without being closed behind the windows of a sightseeing bus, but you also got from us professional guiding, historical and current-day information, great photo opportunities and client orientated, personalized service. In fact the experience itself of riding a Segway- almost like flying through nad around these wonderful places - is so great, that everyone should try it once. And everyone means really everyone! Even small children (we also have a trailer for children younger than 5 years) and senior people can learn to ride these self-balancing, personal transportation devices in a few minutes, thanks to the intuitive driving system that works almost like if it was reading your mind. It is also a perfect solution for people with restricted mobility and with difficulties of walking. The computers, gyroscops and sensors protect anyone from falling without any effort. Segway is the best way for sightseeing!