Kínai Segway



Recently, a friend of mine said happily  that he bought a cheap iPhone. He took it home, and  realized that only its appearance looks original, but actually it is a fake chinese one. He was not able to surf on the Internet with it, take photos, and some buttons were not working as well.

Unfortunately, same stories are happening with the SEGWAY, too.

DISTRIBUTORS deceive unsuspecting  the visitors, and the tourists. 
Shamelessly usurp the name Segway, and offer Segway tours without having any original ones. From this point, these two things are missing: speed and security. The Softwer is worse, and less gyroscope is built inside. Turning it on, is an anckle breaking stunt, you have to turn it on with a key built into the bottom, and it is not having any  remote controller. The maschine vibrates during the journey and it is noisy, as well. The uncertainty of movement, difficulty in controlling is pretty dangerous. Recently, a tourist on a local walking street hit a babycar of a young mother, and this incidence has becam a police case.


Think about it!

Choose the original!

Choose the quality!

Click to safety!