Segway Tours in Budapest
Daily Tours Special - Downtown Tour
 2 hours/ 49 EUR/ person / online booking 39,9 EUR/ person


Dear Segway Riders!

Every day at 10:00 AM a discounted Downtown tour will start. We recommend this type of tour to people who can work with the fixed schedule and enjoys group tours. We must have a minimum of 2 poeple up to 10 to start the tour! We suggest you to make a reservation 2 days before the tour date with a deposit.

Discover all major historic monuments, landmarks, and touristic places in the center of Budapest in just two hours! Sightseeing was never so easy, so effortless and so much fun...
After a few minutes of practice you can see all the sights, that take more than an entire day to discover by walking:
The Váci street, and the Vörösmarty square: the beautiful, touristic center of the city, the Erzsébet square: the 'Central park' of Budapest, the Andrássy boulevard and the Opera (optional), the famous St. Stephen Basilica, the Parliament and its surroundings, the Danube riverside with its amazing view of the castle and the mountains of Buda, the Chain bridge and the Scientific academy, Budapest's 'riviera' between the Chain bridge and the Elisabeth bridge: one of the most beautiful riversides in Europe, the Pálos monastry, the most ancient building in Budapest, and the ruins of the roman city that once protected the Roman empire's borders.
If you want to save time and money, you also have the possibility to do one hour tours (on demand).

Payment possibilities for booking:


Paypal, or cash / credit card in our office